Suitable Selective Restriction on “Home Wrecker Feminists”(SSRoHWF)

We all have pretty good expertise, magically without even going back to it’s “scripture”, on how the evil feminism chants for “women should be allowed to work” is destroying the family values and subsequently, the family system.

I mean seriously, to look at it from our maintainers and protectors’ point of view, it takes a lot of guts to see women doing something which it not their “role” naturally.  It makes perfect sense. As women are not there to serve humanity; they are to serve the blokes of their family, who after a long tiring day from work, find it excruciating difficult to even help themselves to get a glass of water. Therefore, medicine isn’t the field for them just not “natural.”

Speaking of natural, I also believe that law studies should be banned on the “fair” gender. It’s not fair to them to be exposed to the big bad World of crime and disorder. A pious and decent woman is supposed to be oblivious of her rights, decisions making power and most of all … the evil procedure to file for a divorce. Because awareness of it all would eventually evince a bleak society.

A society is actually ought to be authorized by men, that’s how the nature works. Hence women sitting on the seat of executive tantamount to defying the nature. Just imagine the creation of the rib bossing around her origin. Nah… we shall not let our “one degree excelling” fellas undergo such abominable bit. That’s not how nature has designed us.

Nature has its own rules and laws. It can be generous at times. And there are times when ample amount of various sense are too scarce to be given out to the not “economically authorized stratum.” Needless to mention that nature hasn’t bestowed “them” with the sense of navigational and mathematical skills. Thus, enrolling women in engineering, mathematics and any tech field would be wasting resources and time. A obedient and devoted woman would wait for her “privilege ones” to arrive home when she wants to travel and in case to get any home appliance fixed.

We all have a vivid idea as how women in certain fields working, has undermined our moral, values and society. By nature, there are other arenas where women can prove their excellence very easily. For instance as housemaids, nannies, nurses, sweepers and housekeepers. Women contribution in these fields would not only keep our values and family system intact… but  some “natural” inflated egos as well.


22 thoughts on “Suitable Selective Restriction on “Home Wrecker Feminists”(SSRoHWF)

  1. Well.. I strongly agree with your views on no hindrance to the Fair Gender when it cones to good Education and a decent Career.

    Nevertheless.. I have a few disagreements.

    You mock on those people who think Women should serve family first.. Here also I agree strongly, but the Hard Question comes when families start to Break.

    I am not at all blaming working women for such kind of events.. and I also would ask my future wife to continue with whatever career/education she wants. But when I observe the kids doing drugs or bully around or something like that sort.. all I see in them is that they want to attract attention.. as they feel the lack of it from their Parents.

    And mind you.. ‘broadly’ dividing.. there are two kinds of those kids.. who are either from a not-so-doing-good family whose father is a drunkard/leeward OR a very-good-doing family whose Parents are very qualified BUT not able to give time to their kids.

    So you see..Can a Career or Education (for both Genders) can be so important that they screw-up the kid’s lives?

    Feminists like You.. might say that since both Parents have an Equal Role.. why cannot Father take the role of take-caring.. than just the Mother?

    Yes.. Father can and should take the role.. but I think its the Mother who is more connected to her Kids than the Father. Its all from the psychological and personal case studies that a Mother can nurture her kids well better than a Father. And not only me.. but a lot of people will say that they are more closer to their Moms than their Dads. :)

    So yes.. a Woman and a Man.. no matter they should have equal rights and education.. yet their set of priorities should be different or else we have got a statistics from both the ‘Child welfare Departments’ and ‘Juvenile Justice Departments’ in West and EU which implies the consequences of the ‘confusion’ of these Rights ;)

    PS: I was a bad kid in my teens :P

    And the reason was my Parents never gave time to me and siblings since our Childhood.. as both had a tough schedule. Our nanny used to goof around. :D And so my Mom had to fire the nanny and take herself the responsibility.. now when we are all settled.. she has started her own Business with we their family.. the ‘investors’ :P and its blooming like hell :)

    I am a firm advocate of Education and Career .. but with a certain set of Rules and Guidelines :)

  2. Imad, since you and I belong to the same fraternity…. I am going to spare you THIS TIME.

    Remember *this* time.

    And you never have to sorry about long comments, I like reading what readers have to say on/about my posts.

    So feel free. As I will be too … from next time on :p

  3. Sorry? :O

    But was I offensive in any Way? :O

    If You felt in any Way. than I am very Sorry :)

    Just felt sharing My Opinion here.

    Anyways keep up the Good Work. Tada :)

  4. And by the way, Please avoid needless ‘Warnings’ :)

    No offence.. but I find it very hilarious when People just get whistle off by seeing even a pinch of disagreement in any other person, especially when that person like me is talking in a very Polite Manner.

    Anyways.. Its your Blog.. I am the One who should be not Here.

    So yes Sorry for that, again. :)

    • Well… My apologies if what I said sounded somewhere near “warning”, however I can assure you it was anything but a warning.

      I said that in a very positive spirit. Yet I am sorry if I was offensive. I allow all type of comments, if I was offended I wouldnt have approved your comment in the first place. It may be my blog, but I do understand that a reader got every right to comment whatever s/he feels, so my reply can be anything but a warning.

      Rest its your discretion.

  5. I do not differentiate much between the two genders, as far as social equality is concerned. Unfortunately, it has been men’s world since early ages. It was just in 20th century when women were recognized as equal beings, got working and voting rights even in Europe.

    Only one thing that offend me is that females are more instinctual.

  6. Before proceeding, I want to tell you something about me. I am straight forward, calm and always open for constructive critique, never try to depress or annoy anyone but cannot digest illogical thoughts. I would have never tried to tell you about me but as I am following your blog, I think you need to have little idea.

    Further, it could be my personal experience but females are more impulsive. As I said its been Men’s world, I think psychologically women treat themselves as someone different. To me they are first human then women. They are equal but not special. I hope you got what I am trying to convey.

    What do you think?

  7. Feminism is similar to male chauvinism, some modern women like it because now it gives them power and makes them feel special just like guys saying Maths/Science are privilige of boys. Agreed that Women should be treated equal in family and in work but overall are women/men better than men/women ? NO.

    As far as Home wreckage is concerned, I dont think it depends on whether women are working or housewives. From my personal experience I have seen working women who adjust in joint family systems and some housewives who divide joint family systems because they cant be quite dominating in such households. Its ironic that many times its women who restrict themselves to kind of jobs that they choose so that their schedules are work loads give them ample time for families.

    Btw nice us of sarcasm in the post.

    • May be you need to read about feminism first so that next time you don’t pass immature statements like every other Pakistani does, without having an inch of idea about the theory of feminism.

      Yes, I for some reasons agree with joint family part, perhaps having your in laws living near you or in the same locality also helps. And I guess its fine if a woman choses her family over her career. The rule is that the choice SHOULD be of woman and not influenced.

      Thanks a lot :)

  8. This one is the kind of write-ups where I tend to read responses first before reading the main post. I enjoy reading over-reactionary comments from short tempered intellectuals. Initially, I used to suffer the same frustration and anger that am sure you might have experienced some point in time after receiving such comments, but not anymore. I worked on towards firming up the equilibrium of my own thought process as it’s easier than fixing the whole lot of society abundant in a self-supply of rotten minds.

    Such a post actually delivers the opportunity to reflect on the hypocrisy and biased attitude of the society. Now it’s a serious allegation. I am the one to be condemned for being an eccentric, who should better end up spending a few years in a rehabilitation facility. This is what I am sure most of the readers could have justly concluded about me after reading these lines.

    This post of yours in its spirit is a response towards the unjust society and its paradoxes in which we are not living in but, merely surviving. The essence of the whole argument is based on the philosophy of relativism; not on absolute principles. However, a usual reader most likely would ignore this too obvious fact and react in an absolute manner to assert his rights. The debate can never be fair, logical and good enough to result in a healthy solution until we first learn this basic principle. Until it happens, that I don’t see any sooner, I have no choice but to make such general accusations. My apologies, I really can’t help!

    P.S. The audience intended of this response are readers and not the author.

  9. Recently blogged on the same topic ( ” Is a Woman’s Place In the Home? ” …..was that close enough? )
    If men can be chauvinists, then why can’t women be feminists? Besides, women are humans too and not even the fingerprints of twins are alike so isn’t it completely Quixotic to expect every woman to live up to the same expectations or to think along the same lines? For some, staying at home maybe a better choice while for others, a thriving career may be good. It’s not fair to judge! Her choice should be independent and not influenced by what people will say because the people will opine no matter what you do!
    Juvenile delinquency is a repurcussion of the negligence of both the parents, not just the mother’s or the father’s.
    Great piece, by the way! Loved your blog :)

      • Haha! Thank you…feels great to know that you like my blog :) Extremely encouraging :) Hope you continue to grace my poor blog with your comments and feedback!
        And you are anything but dumb :) Ofcourse I will continue to visit yours..It’s amazing :)
        By the way, you do follow the Express Tribune blogs, right?

      • No I didn’t get it from there.Actually I read Tribune regularly too and often come across your interesting comments. So here at wordpress, the username just clicked :)

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