SAHARA TRUST — Abrar-ul-Haq.

“I have a dream of building state of the art tertiary care hospitals…social development projects, where the un-reached, un-served, and underprivileged people are provided free medical…social services and to enhance a will to live. If you save a life you save the entire humanity…” shares this beautiful dream, the Pakistani pop icon, Abrar-ul-Haq. In order to accomplish it, he decided to launch a project, SAHARA for life trust. SAHARA is the abbreviation of “Services Aimed at Health and Awakening in Remote Areas”.It should be noted that SAHARA is a word in Urdu, meaning “help” or “aid”, surely a very smart choice. Thus, it expounds the resolution that is “to help”.

Abrar endeavors, with this project, to help the suffering. He established a philanthropic hospital, Sughra Shafi Medical Complex, on 25th July 2003, in Narowal, at a distance of 120Km from Lahore.

The town was deprived of basic Healthcare facilities and the people were leading a poor lifestyle. But thanks to Abrar’s dedication and sincerity to the cause, the town has now a proper hospital. The amount put in for this hospital is in millions. Shughra Shafi Medical Complex maintains 200 beds. This parstandard hospital provides numerous services, indoor and outdoor. Clinical services provided are mother-and-child care that amounts to proper Antenatal and Prenatal supervision to expectant mothers, and taking care of new born babies. Besides, Neonates, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, ENT, Tuberculosis, infectious diseases, Dermatology and others. Hepatitis vaccination and treatment are also facilitated in the hospital. Diagnostic facilities are offered in Radiology and Pathology; such as X- ray, Ultrasound, Color Doppler, 24 hours service laboratory and Blood bank facility. The hospital also provides other treatments in Surgery, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Gynecological and Obstetric fields. The hospital has numerous departments like Genie Ward, Male medical ward, Female medical ward, Male surgical ward, Female surgical ward, Pediatrics ward, Operation theaters, Labor room, Private rooms, Dialysis center, Nursery, Paeds isolation ward and Coronary care unit. Over 300,000 patients have been treated in the hospital. Many others services in alliance is also given by the hospital like, 4 state of the art and modern Operation Dialysis units, free medicine given to needy patients, 24 hours free ambulance service, Laundry, Incinerator, Mortuary and others.

SAHARA for Life Trust’s provision is not confined to this hospital only. On 8th October 2005, Kashmire and North Western areas of Pakistan had a massive earthquake. The catastrophe took over 85,000 lives and millions of people became homeless. The SAHARA for Life Trust immediately initiated a rehabilitation program. More than 1000 fiber- glass houses were built for destitute families. Also, ambulances, 150 male and 50 female volunteers and over 26 trucks, to distribute blankets, flour, rice, biscuits, dry milk, tea, milk mineral , free medicine, water etc, were dispatched.

In addition to that, SAHARA managed to set up the first hospital, containing 52 doctors, at Saran in Jhelum Valley, then later shifted it to Balakot, where over 25,000 affecttees were provided treatment.

The Trust has put all its efforts in normalizing the lives of the quake-victims. And for that, the Trust had organized a mass marriage, where 13 couples were provided the basic necessities of life as well.

To contribute more in this noble cause, SAHARA for Life Trust spokesman Shakil Ahmad said, “Sahara is committed to helping the government by offering free media appearances by the SFLT Chairman and singer Abrar ul Haq,”

Abrar’s devotion and altruism is remarkable. 90% of his income goes for the betterment of the poor populace in our country. His is, surely, a marvelous contribution to our society.


11 thoughts on “SAHARA TRUST — Abrar-ul-Haq.

  1. MashAllah; good dream. mashAllah very good plan and dream. I hope your dream comes true. enshAllah one day it will. I have the same dream one day to build hospital in Khyber Agency where will be free treatment for only poor people. I have a desire to help my people for the sake of Allah one day. I hope our dreams comes true one day.

  2. I love to listen to your music and am a fan of yours, and have shown interest in helping to come up with plans to consolidate, and raise funds for your hospitals and Youth Assembly, so that both can be more organized. Let me know how I can further do this for you.

  3. abrar is a nice and cut person. i think u r the best humanitarian of the word. you r the king of the word. and also the son of muslim state. abrar bhai zinda- abad.our todays national hero abrar ul haq.

  4. aoa mr.ibrar…… as u r supposed to meet many people but u nu u r really nt having a chance to meeet wd me …whn u get free n seee it thn contact wd me on 03156626627 or 03214302303…… am muneeb ali hassan n having lot of to share as far as ur trust n donations n all tht stuff

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