Happy Birthday to me…

1st-May-2011 to 1st-May-2012.

The most memorable time period of my life. The most happening birthday year. Last year, on this very day, my father was in the hospital. First time in my life, he was not there to spend a whole day with me, on my birthday. I have always been pompous and thankful about the fact that I was born on this ironic day. Everyone remembers it. And everyone gets an off. And I get to spend whole day with my too much regular and punctual dad. I thought that it would remain that way, always. But last year, it was not the case. I was proved wrong. Life has a tendency to spank us with the believed that we thought, could never be any other way, and could never break. I learned that once in our lifetime, things we have firm believe in, take us down, and we see the other side of it, and we feel otherwise. And it is not as vile as it may appear to be. It is, sometimes, planned that way. A plan to make changes in our lives, which we are too lazy to make ourselves. A plan to show the other side of the pic, which we are oblivious of. A plan to make us a better person.

And the turn of events ( or so to speak) in my life, I like to believed was (is) for that purpose. A good purpose. As I see this birthday year, though slapped me hard, but it was just so that I learned my lesson, for better grades. I think, I improved. Even if I didn’t. I tried. I will keep trying.

Because I know for a fact, when you try, even if you don’t get, you learn something. We live, and we learn. And I learned a lot this year. And since I learned, it has to be a BIG THING. I mean, I bothered my brain. My solid, new, fresh, packed and unused brain. I think things I learned deserve a separate page, on my very own blog. So here, I present you all…. ABIDA’S WORDS OF WISDOM… TEEHEE.


This is my birthday gift to myself…A FULL PAGE DEDICATED TO ABIDA’S WORDS OF WISDOM.

I think that’s the bestest gift that I have ever received in my life…



My interview. YEAH. Suck it up.

So a good friend and a loyal reader, Hina, decided to take my interview. Here it is.

Your nick name?

Gurya :( , Aabi.

Your qualification?

Bachelors in English Lit, Economics, History (BA), LLB (Hons). Intend to do LLM.

Describe yourself?


Don’t you think you are exceptionally asocial? I have not met anyone as anti social as you are.

Really? Roam around online, and you will find many loners , Oh so recluse, anti social, misanthropic and what not :P Well. I know what you mean. Actually, I am accustom to a lot of space, since I am an only child, I have gotten a lot of space, which normally people usually can only think of. Also I was raised in a nuclear family system, and since, my father was a workaholic, we wouldn’t go out much. So these are the factors that contributed in making me that. And well, I come across exceedingly anti social is kinda intentional effort as well. Because I am very easy to know sort, like you spend two hours with me, and you know me inside out. And that sucks. So keep the mysterious airs around me, I have kept myself that way. It is quite feasible actually, as I have many stalkers, hence more traffic. HAH.

When did you start blogging and what is blogging to you?

5/6 years back. Before this blog, I would create a blog, keep it for sometime, and then delete it. But somehow this one is STILL breathing.

What do you think sets Your blog apart from other blogs?

It’s diversity and my “middle class” sense of humor. *Go figure*

Your fav pastime?

Gulping books– history, philosopy, fiction etc, listening to music/radio, movies, tv shows–sitcoms, talk shows, political talk shows, series etc, net surfing, news, reading about politics and religion. HAH, looks like I got no life. My life is all about pastime.

Your guilty pleasure?

Chic lits, Gossip girl and likes, Gossiping, ORKUTTING, and the fact that before starting any book, I tend to read the end first.

Your passion?

A word ridiculously used by masses for everything they ought to do, pretending to have an emotion, without fathoming the depth of it.

Your fav book?

Too many. Really. AND as I mentioned, before starting any book, I tend to read the end first, so anything and everything with GOOD ending. I don’t love books, I live them.

Your fav movie?

TOO MANY. Mainly I like period films, thrillers, romance, and comedy.

Your fav food?

Chicken Biryani, KFC ka Zinger Burger, almost all kinds of burger, Italian, potato ka paratha, nihari, kabab, kulchay, rice, chicken in any form except in curry, french fries, patties, peas, beans, samosas, chips and anything very very VERY spicy.

Ice cream (esp: tutti fruiti), cake, sheer chorma, raas malayee, jelly and fruit trifle.

Your strength?

Strength is dependent on a situation. Strength itself is nothing. It’s different situations that erupt different strengths in us.

Your weakness?

It’s easy to enrage me.

Your 3 qualities?

I think, self praise is uncool. And your qualities should be defined by others.

Your 3 flaws?

3? I have 3000 :P. My extremist disposition–either I am too good or too bad. I am slothful. And I am not tech savvy, I don’t even know how to install the windows. But I hear, that guys actually are repulsive to tech savvy girls, and find it cute when girls are stuck up with little tech probs and so ? So I guess, the last one isn’t exactly a flaw :P

Your best feature?

No, I don’t have any “best” feature. But I can tell you my bearable one. It’s my lips. Well, that’s what I have been recently told by someone!

Your worst feature?

EVERYTHING. I wish I could change my looks, from head to toe.

What is your sex appeal? I think it’s your eyes.

Well no, and I don’t have any idea about it. Honest!

Have you ever been in love?

Whoa. No. Do you REALLY read my blogs? Well if you do, you should already have known that how pompous I am about the fact that I have never been in love!

Describe your ideal?

This is pointless. When I meet him, my innumerable blog posts will do that.

What turns you on?

Power, rugged looks, broad collars, good sense of dressing, knowledge, good conversationalist, wits and intelligence.

What turns you off?

LONG LIST. I have a post dedicated to it :P

Your fav quality in opposite gender?

Power, rugged looks, broad collars, good sense of dressing, knowledge, good conversationalist, wits and intelligence.

Your fav quality of your gender?

Good sense of dressing, knowledge, good conversationalist, wits and intelligence

What you despise in opposite gender?

Misogyny, hypocrisy, shallow mentality and too religious.

What you despise in your own gender?

Talking against their own gender, I-get-so-many-rishtas pride and do-you-get-rishtas and likes questions.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

Happiest yet to come.

Gloomiest, last year in April. 13th April, the day my father had a heart attack, and 14th, 15th and 16th April, when he was on ventilator.

What is your greatest fear?

To not live the life I want. But will have to live the life I get.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, what would your choices be?

I am extremely homey by nature, hate travelling or going out for that matter. But IF, then I would like to travel countries with rich history. Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Morocco etc. And far east.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

Well nose. I have a tendency to categorize noses on animals’ name. Parrot noses (the hooked ones), elephant noses (Too long with oval shaped nostrils), chimpenzee noses (flat and round), nosy monkey nose (Big noses, end part is wider), crow noses ( slant ones) , donkey noses ( most part of the face is occupied by nose), hen noses ( nose, ONLY for the namesake), eagle noses (GOD, what were you thinking?), cat nose ( round and a lil flat) etc.

What you think about the interview.

Well I think you did a good job. I enjoyed answering, your questions were interesting and I think there is nothing left to know about me :P Smart. You covered almost all aspects. That’s why I made a separate category for it :P Thanks for taking out time for this interview. It was very thoughtful of you. Thanks. Really :)

Dare you! Outlive your High School Life!

Last year around this time, one of my high school best friends, who I have an interesting history with, cameback in my life. It was awesome. It was awesome to realize that how much our thoughts have matured. And also, it was awesome to know about our high school rivals dropping out of college, not having a good job, living on their hubby’s pocket money and being ended up with fat or short or ugly or in some cases, all three of them, hubbies. But something I realized that wasn’t awesome. It is that High school haunts us all our lives. And you can never outlive the types you meet in High School. In fact, it is the High School where we are categorized, for rest of our lives. So, here I present the types of high school students. Keep looking for them around you, and in case you don’t find them, look in the mirror!

The Diva of the class: She is beautiful with aristocratic airs. Fithly rich, and involved in many charity works–mainly, back in my days distributing and posting pamphlets regarding variety of abuses and injustices, and in today’s time, sharing and joining pages at Facebook regarding variety of abuses and injustices.  She has an amiable disposition, but likes to keep within her sorority. Many girls are (secretly)  in awe of her, and many guys (secretly) fantasize her. She is out -of -your- league sort. So girls , in general , remain on hello-hi terms with her, and guys are happy having her as a figment of their imagination. Only, it is actually a very unconscious realization, that keeps you from her, that being with her means it is all about her, and always will be. And she is too self-absorbed to even realized that.

Minions: Too easy to spot, and too pathetic to write about. But one thing, that Mean Girl may not be as mean, it is THIS very kind , which makes her look that way. Trust me.

The Mean Girl: She is pretty and she knows it. But what she doesn’t know is that she is not as pretty as she thinks she is, or let’s say, as her cronies tell her she is. She bullies everyone who comes in her way, and wants, makes and does things her way. If you lit your room in positive light for hours, you will realize that she has exceptional leadership qualities. But then again, as long as she’s around, you have to hide in the dark,  sulk,  entertain the idea of throwing acid on her plastic face but then feel for her poor little boyfriend, who only has her pretty face as his last hope. Puh-leez drop the idea. You are too humane for that. May be.

The Awesome Girl: She IS simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Awesome student and good in extra curricular activities. She is fun and awesome-natured. Popular in class and has awesome reputation overall. Good looking with awesome attitude. Everything about her is just awesome. She is sorta complete package. Which is AWESOME. Guys often at different points, feel tempted to approach her. But Alas! Too late. Cause she now belongs to THAT equally AWESOME guy. And anyways, she was a little too awesome for you!

The girl- next- door: She is the type, who usually Amma jaan-s hit on, instead of their sons. She is nice and is usually found smiling. She is mostly, socially conservative, and always traditional. Sometimes, she has holier-than-thou attitude, but that’s okay. Overall, she is good and wish or do no harm to anyone. They truly live up to her goody good tag.

The Love Guru: So fancy in films and books, so grueling in reality. She wishes to be just like her kind is depicted in films and books: Pretty, gutsy, having guys going gaga over her and awesome. Except that she is none of them. To make matter worse, she likes to befriend with girls who are pretty and “busy”.  So half of her time spends on gulping her friends’ narcissitic tendencies, listening to their love stories, solving their love problems and giving them best advices. And rest, obsessing over her average looks, sulking over her ineptness and being confused. The Love Guru is, in actuality an out and out case of identity crises! She likes to think she is deep. Because she has a blog. Yeah!

The Studious missy: She studies everywhere she can and even where she can not. She keeps to herself and her head buried in books. Sugar coatedly people call her bookish and reserved. But deep down inside, they know that she is actually boring, and insignificant.

The Nerd: NIGHTMARE. NIGHTMARE. NIGHTMARE. She gives you such a tough competition that you start considering suicide, your only relief. She wears specs which are posh and carries herself with an I-am-the-smartest-and-I-know-it attitude. No matter what your skin tone is, she can make you green within seconds. And the irony is, that you have a lot of respect for her at the same time.

The Girly type : A girl with typical girlish attributes–good in cooking, well disposed and presentable– and a very cute face. She studies and persue a career in the fields, that are, as a general rule, belongs to girls only ( BTW, Medicine’s monopoly on it, is over. Though it still is grand). And she does so, solely and entirely for one purpose: To land herself a good rishta. Yes, her aim of life is to get married to a guy who is either a doctor, or an engineer, or a doctor, or an engineer or an engineer with an MBA or an MBA on high designation or a CA. She knows the art of being sweet on face, especially with the ones who have eligible bhai-jaans, and be so interesting catty with her bestie, behind their backs. Life with them , is NEVER dull. True story!

The Rocking girl: She does, everything a guy can. A daredevil.  And that’s the reason why girls, in general, are proud of her, and guys , without any exceptions, intimidated by her. She is rebellious, brave, daring and has in-your-face attitude. You wanna have one friend like her at least, and never wanna have a daughter like her, no, not even in the least!

The Sweetie- pie: A conventionally very pretty girl. She is very sweet, loving and likeable. She doesn’t have any particular drawbacks, and she doesn’t have anything that can be added. She is just sweet, and loving, and pretty, and likeable.

The (to be politically or liberally correct) FRIENDLY girl: At start, she comes across as someone very very friendly and happy-go-lucky type. She shakes hands with everyone, talks to everyone and becomes best friends forever (BFF) with everyone, instantly. She is perky and naughty, and guys start to regard her as one of them. But slowly and gradually, you realize that she actually likes attention and enjoys the company of guys more. By the end of the term, half of the class, secretly, starts having issues with her and finds her annoying. And no matter how unbiased, and liberal you are, you tend to think, she is easy and a cow!