I am pretty

….unwell right now. And I don’t know what to do other than to write a post at my godforsaken blog. In fact, I am not even writing, I am just typing. Typing whatever is coming to my mind. And frankly, right now my mind is not working properly. So I am typing on the instruction of something that isn’t properly working. Let’s see how that turns out.

But before anything, let me clear one thing. If you think that I have taken some doodling lessons during my absence all this time, then open your eyes moron and give a good look to above pictures again. Does it from anywhere, look the case? And for the record, I don’t ever intend to try my hands on, like any other wannabe, on doodling or baking or photography or Facebook Fashion Designing (FFD). It’s just that I am sick and I wanna do something everyone’s doing so I don’t feel left out. Baking wouldn’t suit my personality. I don’t have DSLR. Therefore, I can’t pretend to be a photographer. I am not a good-for-nothing bored housewife (yet) to make a Facebook Fashion Designing for myself. Hence, the only option I have is to DOODLE or so to speak. Kindly adjust!

Anyways, so I was typing, what my improper mind’s dictating me to. And I am loaded. There is a lot that needs to be oozed out. But I won’t let it. Not all of it at least, in this post. As firstly, this is pretty… random. Secondly, I am pretty…unwell. And thirdly, there is so much that it can’t be penned in one post. Yeah, I am implying that I am back with a baaa… errr, a lot of gossip.

Speaking of which, Gossip Girl is ending. That’s sucha blow. Sareena and Blair remind me of me and my rich history of best friends. AND speaking of which my schooling (ex) best friend who I broke up with a few months ago, text-ed me on chand raat. Something I never expected. Even if subconsciously I were expecting her to text me at some point, I had never expected a text consisted of wishing me happy eid and how she expected me to wish her on her birthday. Her text should have been on the lines of various forms of cusses and snide remarks, since we had a very nasty break up. There was no closure.

But maybe that’s exactly the reason why she text-ed me. I only wish, I had not deleted her number, and did not reply back with “Sorry? Who is this?” But unfortunately I recognized her number long after that. And sadly, she would have to come to term with the fact that I was over her.

As a matter of fact, I never had any problems with getting over my friends. It’s not because I never were emotionally attached to them, just I was not emotionally dependent. However, I have seen, people having a real hard time getting over their friends and people and things and stuff. And thanks to these social networking sites, mainly Facebook, now it is next to impossible to get over anyone. I think she stalks me too. And she probably thinks that my life is too hot and happening. I don’t why. I think she saw my cute Samsung Galaxy S3 cover photos. Oh yea, I gotta Samsung Galaxy S3. Trust me, it IS for humans. It is for humans to use and make other humans go green.

Anyways, so my Samsung Galaxy S3’s cover photos might be giving her that impression. A WRONG impression. Because a apart from having Samsung Galaxy S3 in my hands and getting responses like AH-that’s-hot, Awe, Wow, Whoa- for- how- much?, Can-I-see-it, I-will-buy-it-too etc, my life is as boring as it was before. A plain, boring and eventless life.

I think, that’s how my life is always going to be. I think that’s how it has been planned. Sometimes, I feel that I am a spectator, sitting in a pavilion, watching others’ happening lives. The twists and turns and achievements and success.

And sometimes I feel like Gossip girl’s no NOT Sareena, and no NOT Blair. But Gossip Girl’s Gossip Girl. Who writes about others’ life, and trynna take solace in their miseries. I will do the same, from now on. But not right now. Because right now, I am pretty… unwell.