My work life journey into the whirlwind

 Last year, I finally stepped into the work life. As the title of this blog entry suggests, it has been a journey into the whirlwind. There have been a lot of ups and innumerable downs.  And in this series, I will narrate some of those, which were most memorable ones for me. And will be for you too. Why, yes, even if they weren’t then, I now am going to make them sound really juicy, exciting and fun.

So brace yourself for the COOL… I mean awesome series by Aabi Duh Bookhari.

My first day at the High Court:

You will be surprised I had never been to the High Court until 20th July. It was my third day at my first work place, and I was enthralled and exuberant about the fact that I am going to the High Court, like a lawyer. Well, not much like a lawyer, as I was in my uniform but in a civil dress. I had a funny feeling in my gut. Not because I was in civil dress, but because… well, umm, actually, my over protective and overbearing mother didn’t have any idea that I would be going to the High Court that day.

Yeah, she was of the opinion that I shouldn’t be driving to SHC alone and should rather wait for sometime, and get myself used to driving alone, and the traffic and things and stuff before I venture to the High Court life. And I… was not sure.

I desperately wanted to go to the Hon’ble Sindh High Court, and that was my ONLY chance. Only… yeah, I tell you why. Those days, appa khala (my elder aunt) had come to stay with us for a week. Mum was naturally busy with her sister. And that morning, they were both busy ironing and arranging cloths for me (Proud to be a brat). Therefore, it was a golden opportunity that I could avail for myself.

So, I left home, sharp 7:30 in the morn. My mum was a bit surprised that why I was leaving so early. I satisfied her with my well rehearsed answer, “A client is going out of country this morn, before taking a flight he has to meet us”. She didn’t inquire much. There was no way she could possibly think of me going to the High Court that day. Why, yes, because she knew I didn’t know the way to High Court.

Err, yeah. And na, I was not planning on displaying the world, my audacious side either. I have always been a safe player so I already had a safe plan and I was willing to execute it.

So, I drove to my office and parked my car there. Then I walked to a taxi stand nearby, looked, and scrutinized a few taxi drivers, and chose the most shareef-looking one. Though, later, I found out, he was not. You will know. Keep calm and read my blog entry.

I was busy wearing an anklet, which was the hardest job to do in a taxi, being driven by a Pakistani driver, and thinking whether I should text my mother that I have reached office, that the taxi stopped with a jerk. I looked up, the driver spoke “High Court agaya Madam”, and my first reaction was, “Agaya? Yeh hai? I mean yeh hai gate”(As for
 lawyers and people, the entrance is from backside). He nodded. I got off, gave him 200rs, and entered the gate.

I wanted a grand entry for myself…but I felt that no one wanted or shared the same idea for me. So I did it myself. I slowly stepped inside the gate, and said to myself “So this is your life Abida, lofty and mesmerizing like this building. I stared at the mighty High Court and walked a few more steps. And then I stopped. “Umm… Where am I supposed to go?” I didn’t know, I didn’t have any idea. Somebody was honking, I looked, “Madam, side par hojayein takay gariyon ko rasta milay” one of the guards at the gate spoke. “Oh”, I instantly left the drive way and stood near a tree and started calling one of my seniors. But he didn’t pick my call. Then I called this girl who had joined with me only to find out that she was still sleeping. I was running out of options and time. It was 8:55am on my beautiful swatch, and I was supposed to be in the court room at sharp 9:00. So I mustered up my courage and called my boss. He thankfully received my call and told me that he was at the entrance, where was I? I told me that I was right there if he can spot me. He looked around (or I assumed) but couldn’t find me. Then finally he did, and his first words were “Kapray” ? or ! (I couldn’t figure that on the phone). I pretended that I didn’t hear it and inquired which court was I supposed to be. And then FINALLY, I was in the court room. The moment I waited my whole life or just say since I read Rage of Angels. I was seeing and admiring the whole decorum of the court room, then that my cell phone beeped, and I saw a text from Apa Khala, it said that my mother was worried if I reached office as she didn’t receive a text from me. I thought something for a few seconds, typed “jee who mai kaam mai busy thee that’s why couldn’t text” then I don’t know why I deleted it and sent a mere “yeah”. I am pretty sure in “normal” circumstances a “yeah” from me would have made my mum suspicious, but since Appa Khala was around…well, you get the drift.

I remember each and everything about the High Court and that day. Seeing lawyers, my fraternity, in uniform—the black coat, showing their utmost respect to their lordships, arguing cases, heads buried in those fat files, running from one court room to another, instructing, inquiring, and then chatting, gossiping and simply chilling in the bar room. Their life’s was on the run. And now I was one of them. I was a girl with a black coat. With a mango black coat, I should rather say.

I thought about the court, the whole day that day. As you all know I have a flair for drama, I was contended that the court life’s was full of drama, and above all, I had a dramatic start or so to speak.

When I came back home, mum inquired her usual how-was-the-day, and I tried to keep my tone usual it-was-okay. Except that I couldn’t. And mum thought it was being so perky because appa khala was around.

Days passed by, no one knew except me. Then one day while talking to my mother, my tongue slipped, and my mother almost slipped on the floor. She couldn’t believe that I could do something of that sort.  As if there is one thing she is happy about me is that I always tell her where I am, since childhood. She said it was rash on my part. I told her that my boss thought that it showed my determination and my passion for my career, and he actually like my confidence.  Mother said, he thinks that lying to mother makes you confident. I told her that he doesn’t that you didn’t know…she tried to barge in, I objected on her false allegation about lying. I didn’t lie, technically, as I never said that I was going to “office” or I reached “office”. She, I don’t know if appreciated me or what but said that I am sucha goddamn lawyer.  Then she told me gently not to go in a cab alone like that ever again. I told her I chose a very shareef taxi wala. Then she thought something for a minute and asked how much did he take? I told her 200rs… then I don’t know what happened. She forgot everything and started railing on the taxi wala for charging me sooooooooo much, and called that shareef taxi wala a cheat, a thief and what not. However, I thank god for the taxi wala being all that, as it eventually worked out for me, else I would be still in hell. If you know what I mean.