Engr. Syed Tufail Ahmed Bokhari (late).

Syed Tufail Ahmed Bokhari.


Worked as Counterpart of Swiss Experts:
1965 to 1968 — 03 Years
Received training from the team of Swiss Experts lead by Mr. Earnest Fire comprising of (1) Mr G. Schiblee (2) Mr. Rudolf  Brunner  (3) Mr. Walter Frie.
1968 to 1971 — 03 Years
Served as counterpart of Swiss Experts team lead by Mr. E. Frie comprising of (1) Mr. Jakob Forre (2) Mr. Klinger (3) Mr. Schineder (4) Mr. Etter.
1971 to 1973 — 03 Years
Served as counterpart of Swiss Experts team lead by Mr. Hans Thomman comprising of (1) Mr. Jakob Forre (2) Mr. Etter (3) Mr. Schineder and took over the charge of state of art technology Workshop set up by Swiss Experts to train highly skilled manpower in the field  of Precision Mechanical and Instrument Technology as Senior Instructor.
1980 to 1985 — 05 Years
Served as counterpart of Swiss Experts team lead by Mr. Alois Bishop & Banjamin Nageli and completed the establishment of Dies & Mould Technology PSDP Project in the capacity of Chief Instructor.
1988 to 1991 — 03 Years
Served as counterpart of Swiss Experts team lead by Mr. Bosshart comprising of (1) Mr. Rudolph Nutzi  (2) Mr. Clavel to establishment  the PSDP project of I.I.E.E.  in the capacity of Principal Instrustor.
During the course of serving as counterpart of Swiss Experts, they were extremely satisfied and continued to Expand Aid Programme by providing machinery, equipment spare parts and expertise upto 1993. The total period of direct working as counterpart accrues to Sixteen (16) years and the indirect serving as counterpart including follow up period accrues to Twenty Six (26) years.
He is the only one trained especially abroad in Switzerland and Japan to manage the practical training in the field of Precision  Mechanics and Dies & Mould Technology together with the 16 years of long term training while working as counterpart of Swiss experts including the follow up period total training association with Swiss experts accrues to 26 years.
All the others trained to succeed him left for better emoluments and better life abroad, but he chose his country over anything.
Human Resources Development/ Specialized Manpower
Organized Regular Diploma courses (i) 04 Years Specialized Diploma in Dies & Mould Technology (ii) 03 Years Diploma of Associate Engineer in Precision Mechanics & Instrument Technology (iii) 03 Years Diploma of Associate Engineer in Instrumentation & Process Control Technology. Training and examination of these courses are in progress and many students have become diligent technologist with enterprising skills. They are playing a vital role in the development of Industry in Pakistan and oversears. So far produced approx. 2000 tecnologist in state of art Instrument technology, Industrial Electronics, Optical Technology.
The Dies & Mould Technology introdubed is PSTC is the only one based on industrial manufacturing processes in the country which is most needed by the manufacturing sector of Pakistan.  So far 46 graduate  are self employed and the total turnover of their engineering and technological enterprises accruses to Rs. 305 million, in addition they have created employment for more than 500 Pakistani crafts men and more than 1000 support staff.
Industrial Services/R&D Projects
During my tenure in PSTC as Principal Instructor and Director has extended industrial services which includes  consultancy, design and development of machines and appliances and provided infra-structure to the engineering industries for enchancing productivity and improving quality of their products to the international standard. The industries benefited mostly belong to automobile sector, domestic appliances and other engineering enterprises. This saved valuable foreign exchange, time and increased productivity of respective indsutries. Sufficient number of machines, machine tools, appliances and sophisticated equipment and component have been developed on the request of local industrial sector. These  machines would have cost Rs. 10 million in foreign exchanged if imported. Overall impact of these machines and appliances on the production of engineering goods is worth Rs 120 millions and their turn over is above 1.50 billion.
Establishment of new centres/PSDP Projects
Played a key role in the establishment of PSDP Project (01) Precision System Training Centre at Quetta (02) Process Control Instrumentation Centre at Karachi (03) Precision System Training Centre, Lahore (04) Establishment of Dies & Mould Section for Design & Production, Establishment of Optomery labs, Establishment of Industrial Electronics Centre in PSTC Karachi. Similar Centres for Peshawar and Gwadar have got approved and under development stage.
Short Professional Courses for In-Services Engineers/Technologists
To upgrade the skill of Engineers and Technicians already employed in the industries short courses have been introduced and more than 2650 technologists and engineers both in Privite and public sector including armed Forces have been augmentated with state of art technology skills in the discipline of control technology, computer aided machine, engineering drawing and design of dies and mould jigs and fixtures etc. So far total number of 250 courses have been conducted under his supervision and guidance.

Rest In Peace.