Men are superior because they are “privileged?”

I learned this precious fact in one of my public speaking classes.

We were having a debate over the most talked on topic of this planet. Yes, you guessed it correct! It WAS “male or female, who is the superior gender.” And as it happens, arguments like “Adam- was- created- first”, “men -are -the -maintainers -and -protectors- of -the -family”, “men- are -one -strength- higher” so on and so forth were being put forth.

And then a class fellow of  “great gender” came up with the second most interesting point of that day, “Women are inferior for they can be raped.”

This put us females into pesky and awkward silence. Understandably!

But then this girl– who is from New York basically and hence considered, bold (as per Pakistan standard, of course) said, “Do ya know men get raped too?”

And while we girls hailing that “bold” lady and expecting same adjective silence from the excelling clan,  another one from them—who is rather modest (as per Pakistani standard, of course) and had beard touching his toe, appeared on the podium and bestowed upon us this astounding information. He stated, “Yes men can be raped too, but you see my sisterzz, Men are privileged to rape women and men, both by God. But women are nat. So, as men are ‘privileged,’ they are superior!”

Suitable Selective Restriction on “Home Wrecker Feminists”(SSRoHWF)

We all have pretty good expertise, magically without even going back to it’s “scripture”, on how the evil feminism chants for “women should be allowed to work” is destroying the family values and subsequently, the family system.

I mean seriously, to look at it from our maintainers and protectors’ point of view, it takes a lot of guts to see women doing something which it not their “role” naturally.  It makes perfect sense. As women are not there to serve humanity; they are to serve the blokes of their family, who after a long tiring day from work, find it excruciating difficult to even help themselves to get a glass of water. Therefore, medicine isn’t the field for them just not “natural.”

Speaking of natural, I also believe that law studies should be banned on the “fair” gender. It’s not fair to them to be exposed to the big bad World of crime and disorder. A pious and decent woman is supposed to be oblivious of her rights, decisions making power and most of all … the evil procedure to file for a divorce. Because awareness of it all would eventually evince a bleak society.

A society is actually ought to be authorized by men, that’s how the nature works. Hence women sitting on the seat of executive tantamount to defying the nature. Just imagine the creation of the rib bossing around her origin. Nah… we shall not let our “one degree excelling” fellas undergo such abominable bit. That’s not how nature has designed us.

Nature has its own rules and laws. It can be generous at times. And there are times when ample amount of various sense are too scarce to be given out to the not “economically authorized stratum.” Needless to mention that nature hasn’t bestowed “them” with the sense of navigational and mathematical skills. Thus, enrolling women in engineering, mathematics and any tech field would be wasting resources and time. A obedient and devoted woman would wait for her “privilege ones” to arrive home when she wants to travel and in case to get any home appliance fixed.

We all have a vivid idea as how women in certain fields working, has undermined our moral, values and society. By nature, there are other arenas where women can prove their excellence very easily. For instance as housemaids, nannies, nurses, sweepers and housekeepers. Women contribution in these fields would not only keep our values and family system intact… but  some “natural” inflated egos as well.

And the moral of the joke is…

A wife complained to her hubby…

Wife : Remember that bagger, he is such an #%@#%@#%@#”
Hubby:  Why what happened honey?
Wife”  I gave him some food yesterday and today he brought me a book as a gift “How to be a cook”

I am sure most of you have heard and had a hearty laugh at this very joke.

I bet my MQM vote that the humor in this joke and subsequently a derisive laughter lay in the assumption that the wife is an execrable cook here.

But if you examine closely, no where the joke says that the food was cooked by the wife or so. In fact the scope of this joke is very broad as I see it.

I mean the very fact that wife narrating the whole bagger being affluent enough not only to buy a cooking book but also gifting it to the house where he had food previously, to her husband shows that her “greater” half has something to do with the incident.

What I gather is that it’s actually the husband who cooked the food, perhaps there was some special occasion like wedding anniversary. He decided to serve it to his loving and beautiful wife to please her as he knows very that all year without taking any offs or getting any increment or promotion, she cooks for him with all her heart. But as he doesn’t have the innate quality of being multitasking, he failed and what was cooked was lousy enough to even be eaten by the beggar.

Now here begins the wife’s role. She is a very loyal and loving wife who has dedicated all her life for not-good-for-cooking husband. Now when the food was dished out, she being a loving, caring and understanding couldn’t express how terrible the husband cooked and she ate some of it. Also I think she being in love, lied to her husband about how well he cooked. Later at night when her hubby went to sleep, she took out that food and kept it aside, contemplated throwing it into the trashcan but then thought to give it to some beggar.

We know what the naughty beggar did.

And naturally she being in love couldn’t take her hubby’s diss very well evidently and started cussing.


Well I am sorry for ruining the joke. But nothings wrong with thinking out of the box.

Have a nice day.