Last year in November, I went to see this play, “Waiting for Godot”, at NAPA. I was sitting in the corner, so I was not getting a good view of the stage, therefore, I was not enjoying and paying attention as much as I would if I were sitting in the middle. However, the dialogue exchange between the two main characters in the play got my attention and somehow still linger on:

ESTRAGON: I’m unhappy.
VLADIMIR: Not really! Since when?
ESTRAGON: I’d forgotten.
VLADIMIR: Extraordinary the tricks that memory plays!

Extraordinary the tricks that memory plays… I know it’s deep. And I will come to that. However, what actually got my attention first was that Estragon had been unhappy for so long that he had forgotten its genesis. How tragic it is. I mean, just by knowing this about someone makes you instantly unhappy. And more so, if it’s true for you too. That just sucks.

I don’t know since how long I have been unhappy. I am trying to recall. Just I couldn’t. And such memory loss is something excruciatingly painful to live with, not just for Estragon but for me too. I think everyone of us, wait for that perfect moment, where everything starts to fall into place, and life’s is all haha hehe thereon. The happy endings of course! But guess, life is not a film, where when it ends, it literally ends. I think life has no happy ending to offer, even if you have a lived a very happy life, you will end sadly. Ends are only happy in movies, and books. And I just realize that I am being next level emo in this post, and this is getting uncomfortable.

So, anyways coming on to the last line “Extraordinary the tricks that memory plays” is so true, without exception. Memory, on the face of it, stores information, but actually it collects facts that undermine you, sometimes swiftly and most of the times slowly. It tricks you into believing that what happened may have a reason. It pushes you to draw a deluded pattern of all the sad events of your life, for a greater good. It makes you wanna live in the afterglow, which is nothing but an exaggerated version of something you wouldn’t even remember if the memory didn’t exist.

2 seconds of solace is the trick that memory plays. And we invest so much time in making it…making something which is misleading, wily and appalling. How extraordinary it is. 

How I met your mother and us…

In my highly and heavily personal opinion, I think people, in general, are like the cast and crew of “How I met your mother”.

Yeah the most overrated show in the history of sitcoms.  Perhaps that’s the reason why it is so like people in real life.


Where should I begin?

Let’s start from the beginning. For first (full) four seasons and later in parts, they convince us, and set every reason why Robin and Ted are meant to be together. And then the creators of the show couldn’t up come with any idea as to how to stretch this show up to nine seasons, and then one day, just like that, we are met with the question “Did you like the new twist in the show?” and that twist happens to be Barney and Robin hooking up. Whoa.

Isn’t it how people act in real life? First they convince themselves that this is how it should be. And then, when things doesn’t work out as per desired, they shift to the least expected.

Anyone regardless how realistic s/he might be, would deep down, want to give the events in his/her life, a color of destiny. In fact, we all try to tie up, different aspects of our lives, in strings. For lucidity.

Same with these guys! In the hope to create a great love story, they screwed up on it. I, for one, think that they thought that “will they/won’t they” would work here, as well. But guess what? It didn’t. Because will they/won’t they can never be pre planned, it is circumstantial. You can’t start a relationship, thinking it has will they/won’t they potential. Something the How I met your mother guys need to know. And all those “oh-we-date-on-and-off-its-complicated” fellas should know.

But you know what, it’s not their fault, and it is not yours too. After a few will they/ won’t they couples’ success, I guess everyone has started taking their break up as one, instead of getting over it.  And so did the team of “How I met your mother”.

Except that, it’s not.

You can’t have Ross-Rachel kinda love when you start one with the same mindset, mind it.

Anyways, this is not just about this will they/ won’t they love theme only.

The most irritating part of the show is new and recurring characters and their connections and their roles.

Especially the ones that enter Ted’s life!
We are given the impression that there is some sort of important role they have in his life… each and every person coming and coming again and again in Ted’s life is actually leading to the “mother”.

Do they? I mean reallie?

Every time Ted’s going crazy in love, doing things and stuff that he wouldn’t for anyone else and then ending up with nothing. I, sometimes wonder, what is left for the “actual” mother, then? NOTHING.

Isn’t that what we do? We think every person in our life has some vital role to play. There is some sort of godly connection. There is a reason why we met. And then, one day, you show your best friend a dress you were intending to buy and next day your best friend texts you that she liked the dress so much that she has ordered it for herself. And you left spellbound.


I mean, I know there wasn’t any connection, it was a wrong analogy.

Umm, you know, I can’t really lecture anyone on this. Because, I have kinda done the same in the past.  Remember my post regarding my schooling best friend two years ago at this very blog. I know, when I reunited with her, I tried to make a lot of connections myself, and gave meaningful meaning to our rekindling friendship. Needless to mention that I got bored of her within a few months, after realizing that we don’t have anything common to talk about. And then I ditched her, which she didn’t take well, WHICH she should have, considering there was lit-ra-lee nothing to talk on.

Her existence in my life, in actuality, was as nominal as Victoria’s in Ted, except all those abusive texts she sent me from time to time for a while. My role in her life taught her only one thing that never to try to contact Aabi again.

The point is we tend to give every new and recurring character in our lives, a reason, a meaning. And therefore, we utilize all our energies on the wrong character and leave nothing for the right one.

Perhaps, we don’t want to accept the very fact that we wasted our time, we spend all our liners, plans, precious and powerful thoughts, and a part of our lives on something… or should I say someone, not worth it!

Just like Ted has. But why blame him only, even Robin and Barney have done so, who are as pragmatic as it gets.

By the way, have you ever noticed the leaving hints behind business in the show? It’s like they purposely leave hints to give it a meaning later. Hints are not thing in prospect. It is something you get in retrospect. And then be dazed, how you missed it, when it was all there, unmistakable!

Don’t we do that in real life; we are always seeking inklings! Things we say or do, we subconsciously keep in mind that it has some meaning that we would drive later. But it leads to nothing. It’s like you put a pint in the fridge, so when after everyone at home sleeps, you would eat it slowly and relish every bit of it without anyone having barged in. But when at night you checked, it’s all gone.  One of your siblings has taken your moment. And you are left with NOTHING but rage. WHY DID YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? YOU DON’T KNOW, NEITHER DO I.

We just want to leave hints so that when we tell someone or some people or a group of people or let’s say on a national TV, how we got there, we would chant about our make-believe pattern.

We all strive for a perfect setting.

Guilty as charged!

I spent all my teenage and a large part of my 20s, reading crime fiction. I adorned my book shelves with all those crime related books all these years. So that later, when I would become a big shot criminal lawyer, I would narrate my story of loving criminology since “childhood”! And here I am… with my career in constitutional law instead.  But then, when I glance at my book shelves, I find all those political thriller, I very unwittingly bought. And I am surprised how I missed it.

In my pursuit of a perfect setting, I never realized that a setting is a setting is a setting. It’s neither perfect nor imperfect. You don’t place stuff. Let things fall in its place.    


However, we, very unwittingly overlook all details that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Just like Marshall and Lily, who were looking for signs to have a baby or not.

And that’s just one example. The show is full of characters dropping hints here and there.

I think the only truthful moment in HIMYM, which by the way everyone needs to learn from INCLUDING the team of HIMYM, is when Ted tells Robin (when she tries for the locket that she buried in the park years ago, so that when she ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) that maybe it’s dumb to look for signs from the universe. He has gotten many signs whether he should or shouldn’t be with someone and it has led him nowhere. Maybe there aren’t any signs and that there is no point in waiting for the universe to tell us what we want and deep down we already know that.

AND THEN, we have season 9.

And then, there are you all and there is me.

And then…

I think I will leave it at that.