Nothing works out….

Right now there are only three people in my office, an office boy, a senior (both in age and experience) and me. This usually happens, when my boss is not in the town. It’s like unsaid holiday times around here. And I don’t blame anyone. Trust me, being a lawyer is like having two jobs, in the morn you have court, and in the afternoon you have office. So to do things and stuff that people usually do what they have to do, they don’t get time for. Tough routine. Busy life. And all that stuff.

I, on the contrary, wonder what is to have all that stuff. I know, I know I grumble about all these things too, but seriously, I know in heart of my hearts that even an MBA would have a busier life than mine, despite having shorter work hours. I mean I wake up in the morn, fly to court, wait and wait there for my cases, then rush to office, do my work and go home around 7:30ish, and still I have 2 to 3 hours in my hands to think about my static life. And don’t get me started about Sundays. Sundays, they symbolize my life… ever unchanging.

So, if you were under the impression that I was some dedicated lawyer who lubs her work so much that she was willing to sacrifice her active social life for it then $#@%$&^)*(&$@$%#*^%* off. ARE YOU &*^*&$%#&%^$(&ING SUFFERING FROM SELECTIVE READING? HAVE YOU NOT BEEN READING MY BLOG? WHAT KINDA PATHETIC LOSER ARE YOU? For not reading what I write or well….for even reading WHAT I write. My blog is full of my whines having no life and then some. So, why would you think that way? And if you didn’t, %^$&%#&%# off again. I may be a socially inept pathetic loser, but you are the one reading my blog. So check your reflection in the mirror.

Speaking of which, it’s not mirror mirror on the way, it’s actually MAGIC mirror on the wall. Most people have got it wrong. And while we are at it, I might as well add, that it’s not all that glitters is not gold, it is all that GLISTENS is not gold. And for some reasons I find it easy to agree with.

People think, and well, when I joined here, I also thought that working for Pakistan’s one of the top firms, would open doors, and I would reach the sky. Little did I know or the other people that I would be opening doors for others (as I always come early to work) and perhaps, if I continue carrying those monstrously heavy files, will reach the sky, but for difference reasons (read: falling on the floor).

Damn. This is not what I thought of my life. I thought I would come, see and conquer. Umm, which sort of I did, as I was assigned my first case to argue. I went or the coherence’s sake, came to the court at 7:25 am in the morn (well, that’s 5 minutes after sweepers, mind you so you can keep your even-sweepers-don’t-arrive-that-early banter to yourself, kthnx), saw the opposing counsel (with my colleague who laughed and said, oh come on abida, you can do it, and I looked at her and said, Correction: destroy it) and well, conquered ( I won my first case). And I couldn’t believe it. If you can’t either, check my facebook account, I post pictures of a copy of the order.

But I don’t blame you, as I said I couldn’t believe it either. And no one did in my first. I have to tell you the background story. So, my called me in his office alongwith this colleague of mine and asked me and her to sit. After which he called me a goof for something I don’t remember, actually I do but I won’t tell.

And then he told me that there is a case which I have to argue. To which I said, I HAVE TO ARGUE!!!! He thought I said, I HAVE TO ARGUE???? To which he said, yes you have to proceed with the matter, this is your case now. To which I wanted to say that I got that, I was I have to arguing????-ing, I was just I have to argue!!!ing but I didn’t say a word, I don’t like it when I am called goof. So, I took the file and came and sat on my desk. And the news of me having to proceed with a case spread like a PTI rally. Subsequently, I was made a laughing stock like one too. I wanted to believe that they were all in the clutches of green eyed monster as my boss doesn’t give case to associates at the firm. However, I dropped the idea as I thought if I have don’t smarts, at least I know the wonderful trick of reverse psychology that could probably help me out. Expect the worst, think negative and become Dr. doom. I did all that. And eventually it worked out.

And the turn of events or should I say people?…. didn’t come as a surprise. All of a sudden, people at my firm developed this great admiration of my speaking skills, my confidence and apparently, my style. I was no more a laughing stock but admiration stock. And magically, people already knew that I would win it. That’s different they never said it until I won it.

Anyhow, despite everything I am where I was before winning a case.

Moneyless, luckless and lifeless.