Work it out…

A senior “R” at my firm recently got fired. He’s the second associate in my firm whose employment has been terminated. And I have a premonition that third would be me. It’s not that I had anything in common with the two employees who got fired, except that their existence was also excruciatingly nominal.

However, Mr. R’s existence was not exactly nominal, if you minus the work bit. He was short, by almost all means. And now, I am guessing that he IS short, by all means, since he just lost his job. Oh and NO, this isn’t an attempt to mock him. If anything, this blog post is my tribute to him. So I was saying…. Writing? Or should I say blabbering about this ERR, I mean “R” person.

Apart from his incompetence and misogyny, I think, despite or should I say including the attributes mentioned, he was a good muslim. He was a 5 times ka namazi-pareezi, even tahajjud pareezi, all 30 roza-s pareezi and save-the-honor-of-Prophet Muhammad-sms about 100 times a day and night pareezi. I would read his texts, first thing is the morning, and last thing at night. HIS TEXTS— served me nothing but another feather in the cap of self-pity that it was his—a man in 60-s but claims in his 50-s, short heighted, more islamists than the Taliban—texts that I “have to” read first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep. WT%$#%$@&%$*^%(&*^%, what my life has come to? Or should I say what has come in my life? Well nothing. My life is like a sun… static. And I feel so frustrated. And I wanted to use a big word, instead of frustrated but I am so frustrated that I can’t think of any. And then I think of Mr. R, in his 60-s, or as per him 50-s, towards the end of his career, and then he gets fired and now, have to start from zero again. Literally from zero. He doesn’t own a car, lives in a lower middle class area, despite he was senior, at least senior in age, he didn’t have a separate office but instead would sit with the junior associates, and his pay scale was almost the same as mine, and you know I “still” get peanuts. Despite all, he has not lost his faith. Last time when I spoke to him regarding his next-step, he told me that he is glad that he got more time for prayers now, he is also keeping (extra?) fasts and has complete faith in god that he will find him another job. So, I asked him did he apply anywhere? To which he said, as I said “I have complete faith in god”. OH MY GAWD.

Now, you may all think that he may not be as interesting as I am trying to write him up. But he is. He does have his bollywoodish side. Once I overheard him talking to other people in the firm, about some Indian movie he recently watched. So, this one person asked him if he has any fav actor, he told him that he used to like Dilip Kumar, Rajeesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachan. He thinks in this generation, no one can match their acting abilities, and most of them were show off-s. Then another person asked him with a meaningful smile if he likes any female actors, to which he very nonchalantly answered, “these days I guess Kareena and Katrina are very popular so yea, they are naaaicee”. AND it hit me, that baba jee liked actors from his times but his taste in female actors is quite up-to-date.

Errr, so anyhow. I guess I took his termination very seriously. I mean, It’s only been one and a half year that I have worked here, and it makes me so frus…tra…ted, (I still can’t think of a big word) that I have not achieved anything. Imagine what it would be like for a person like Mr. R. Imagine if that happened to

me… NO, DON’T IMAGINE. Okay, let’s imagine… as I don’t feel like working today. So, me in my 60-s but tell people that I am in my 50-s, have my work desk with juniors, have same pay scale as I would have 30 years ago, have no reputation, have no achievement, have lost my prime years where one enjoys career at peak and have ended up getting fireddddddd.

Oh gawd… I think I should get back to work.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

I know you all think that I get overtly excited over little happenings of my life. I have a tendency to make a big deal about things that are as tiny as our Prime Minister brain. I exaggerate moments, overvalue things that don’t have much significance generally, and magnify small details. I make my eventless life sound OH SO eventful. And trust me that is not because I am a word person. It is just that whenever I am about to lose all hopes, whatever believe I have in some white beard living up high in the sky and die in despair, something happens. Something good happens. Something small but good happens.

And I see myself near to be on tv, giving my interview because I am so rich and famous.  

Now, if you are an ardent reader of this blog you must know or at least have a idea about my work place and the amount of work load that I have. I mean, you must, I am always whining.

About my nominal existence here, about my boss not liking me, about my work desk, about not given any importance here and about the chaos in the wake of me vs the world.

In all of that, when I walked in my office today, something happened….perhaps something had already happened, waiting for me to finally acknowledge that it happened.

Today, was not a good day. I know many of my days are not, and today was one of those. So bad that even when I got done with my case in the High Court, I looked for a secluded bench at the High Court, and decided to keep sitting there, even after realizing that there is no place at High Court that is secluded. Thanks to all the Ma’am-are-you-alright-s.

Which btw, if I stopped acting so KWELL, did help. Despite no one stopped for the answer.

So anyways, when I finally reached office I saw something on my desk.


I got my own computer.  Yeah, I know. Not everyone at my office gets his/her own computer. We have a separate desk for computers, which associates use WHEN they have some work on the computer, they are for everyone.   

It is an unspoken rule that associates who are good enough here, only get PC on their own desk.

And from today, I have one on my desk.

I don’t know who kept it, why it is given and when it was taken on my desk.

It must be a surprise.

The kinda surprise, where no one shouts, S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E.

Oh well.

I kinda like it.

PS: Getting a computer was a second thing that made me smile today, THIS kid was the first.